Chic Pearl Pink Ombre French Nails Press On | 10Pcs Rhinestone Embellished Pink Ballerina False Nails | Handmade Pearl Pink Nails Set for Christmas

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Unwrap the magic of the holidays with our Handmade Pink Ombre French Nails. Adorn your fingertips with luxurious pearl pink ombre, glitter, and rhinestone embellishments for a festive manicure. Effortless to apply, perfect for Christmas celebrations. Shop now for that flawless pink ballerina nail look. #NailTheHolidays #LuxeManicure

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Dazzle Your Fingertips: Luxe Ombre French Nails

Transform your nail game this festive season with our exclusive collection of “10Pcs Handmade Cat Eye Press on Nails”. Designed for the fashion-forward individual, these nails are the epitome of Christmas Day glamour, embedded with sparkling rhinestones and a mesmerizing cat eye finish that captures the magical twinkle of the holiday lights.

Key Specifications:

  • Count: Set of 10 high-quality combo pieces
  • Width & Length: Crafted to universal specifications (as shown)
  • Components: 24 luscious pieces for complete hand adornment
  • Model: The coveted Ballerina False Nails, known for their elegant, elongated shape
  • Type: Full Nail Tips for total nail bed coverage
  • Suitability: Perfect for all finger sizes
  • Material: Premium-grade Acrylic for lasting wear
  • Craftsmanship: Proudly handmade in Mainland China

Features at a Glance:

  • Pearl Pink Palette: Infused with the soft glow of pearl pink, these nails evoke an ombre French nails aesthetic, transitioning seamlessly from a delicate pink to a dramatic, dusky hue.
  • Ballerina Silhouette: The pink ballerina nails shape elongates your fingers, creating a slender profile that’s dance-floor ready.
  • Artistry in Your Hands: Each nail is a canvas of pure handcrafted artistry, showcasing intricate rhinestone detailing and a cat eye glimmer that’s nothing short of a Christmas miracle.
  • Professional Grade: As part of your nail supplies for professionals, this set is equipped with all you need for a DIY yet salon-grade application.

Ease of Application & Removal:

  • These nails promise a hassle-free experience, whether it’s application or removal. Each set comes with a glue sticker sheet for a firm fix, a mini nail file for shaping, a wooden stick for gentle prodding, and a cleaning paper for prepping the nail surface.

To Remove:

  • Submerge your nails in warm water to expedite loosening. For immediate removal, a swipe of our specialized glue remover will do the trick, ensuring your natural nails remain unharmed and ready for your next nail adventure.

In the Box:

  • 10pcs of Handmade Cat Eye Press on Nails
  • 1 Glue Sticker Sheet for secure application
  • 1 Mini Nail File for the perfect fit
  • 1 Wooden Stick for precision placement
  • 1 Cleaning Paper for a pristine nail surface

Step into a world where elegance meets artistry with each press-on nail, designed to make your Christmas day sparkle. Add our “10Pcs Handmade Cat Eye Press on Nails” to your cart today and let your hands do the talking at every festive gathering!


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